Picture review

The picture 'Full Sail, Blue Sky' was sent out recently, ordered by the client. Here is what he had to say about it:

"The picture is now framed and hanging on the wall. Looks really good and adds the final touch to the re-decoration I've been doing.

I had friends over at the weekend and they really liked it. I would not have seen your work without the internet and the option to browse from a great selection of work gave me chance to identify the photo that resonated with me.

I'm typically cautious about ordering items online because what you think you're ordering and what actually arrives can sometimes not be the same. So it was great to be able to mail you to understand about the picture and options on what's available. A nice balance between the convenience of the web and the personal service of a shop.

My bucket list has always included sailing in a tall ship. It may or may not happen, but at least I have a fantastic picture to look at and dream of what might be.

Thank you again for your assistance.


I'm pleased the picture is enjoyed. The boat is a 138 feet schhoner 'Mariette of 1915', built in the United States by Herreshoff. She was competing in the Pendennis Cup held in the seas off Falmouth in 2010. The picture is similar to one used by the Telegraph Newspaper on the front page of the Travel section, so David is i good company!