NEW Prints and pictures

Starting with some images of the magnificent J Class yachts in colour, I have released some new large prints HERE and a couple of examples of them framed HERE.

The prints are available up to 60 inches (1.5 metres) wide as traditional Fuji archival prints and any of the images may be framed up to a mximum size of 47 inches wide (120cm).

I have just released colour picture today, with some monochrome picture arriving soon. If you can't wait, then EMAIL your requirements now and I will email back a selection for you to view. For example, there may be a colour image that you would like to see in black and white. If so, let me know the reference and I will process an image for you. It's not just a case of clcking a button mind you, as each image is individually 'dodged and burnt', toned and honed using age old skills from film days but using modern technology instead of chemicals and enlargers. The editing and processing is still all carried out by my own fair hand though!

I do hope you like the pictures. It would be great to hear form you.

Ian Badley